Waldorf Astoria New York

The Wonders of the Waldorf Astoria New York

Baconalia: A Celebration of the Waldorf Astoria’s Bacon

Whether as a layer in our Turkey Club, a topping to our Angus Burger, an ingredient in our Smoked Gouda Soup or all by itself in a gleaming silver chafing dish on the Sunday brunch buffet, the Waldorf’s bacon is like no other.  Considered by many to be the 8th wonder of the world, this bacon is colossal and iconic in both its appearance and flavor. What makes the Waldorf’s bacon so unique?  While ordinary restaurant bacon is sliced at a mere 18-22 slices per pound, the Waldorf Astoria’s bacon matches the grandeur of the hotel itself, weighing in at a mighty 6-8 slices per pound!  Each meaty slice packs a rich flavor that is just as majestic and impressive.  Executive Chef David Garcelon explains that select Pork bellies are custom cured in a special brine consisting of salt, sugar and spices, and then naturally smoked over apple wood chips.  The result is crispy, juicy, melt in your mouth pork pleasure.

“The bacon is a MUST!” “BEST bacon I have ever had!” and “Make sure you try the bacon!” are just a few of the baco-accolades posted by our diners on social media sites. Where can you sample these smokey slabs of porcine perfection?  This cured candy is available just about 24/7 on the room service menu, on the Oscar’s Brasserie breakfast buffet, as well as on the Peacock Alley breakfast and lunch menus.  Of course, the only thing better than bacon is all you can eat bacon!   Join us for bacon and dozens of other delicacies at our extravagant Peacock Alley brunch buffet on Sundays near the famous 1938 Chicago World’s Fair clock in the center lobby, which will no doubt be chiming “time for more bacon!


-Danielle Marullo

Food and Beverage Manager

Waldorf Astoria New York



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